A Brief Introduction

Being a boho~herbalist Mom in the Pacific Northwest has led me to become educated about what products are harmful to our bodies as well as our planet. I embrace natural, homemade alternatives to using the harsh, chemical laden “beauty” and household products that clutter up supermarket shelves not to mention all those awful processed foods.

The Salish Soap Co.’s cottage studio was borne out of a desire to make a wholesome body care line for myself and my loved ones, all while staying home to raise my children. (Having semi-trainable minions on hand is helpful too!) Our little tribe is nestled on the tip of a peninsula near the rocky beaches of the Salish Sea. Anchored in this pictorial, seaside community, I blissfully devote my days to crafting artisanal soaps, making decadent body butters, crafting tinctures for medicine, wildcrafting, learning constantly and trying new things.

529428_388919531222419_112948502_nMy business is mainly about the body products but I will be discussing a much wider range of subjects. Stay tuned to see what’s goin on! Thank you for visiting my blog! ~Dana


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