St. John’s Wort Oil. Crimson Beauty.

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I get very excited for St. John’s Wort season here in the Pacific Northwest. This is one of my very favorite medicinal herbs. SJW is wonderful for the skin! It heals scratches and scrapes, burns and bruises. It’s also great for muscle aches. I love how the oils changes to red when the medicine is released from the plant material.

So here’s what you do.

1. Gather the young flowers and especially the buds that haven’t opened yet and put them in a glass jar. I use mason jars from the Goodwill but any glass jar will do.

2. Fill it up with an oil of your choice, I use rice bran oil for it’s high antioxidants and skin loving qualities but any good oil like olive oil is fine.

3. Set it in the sun for 4 weeks, strain and enjoy.

SJW oil is a main ingredient in Wild Rose Salve and has been in every salve we’ve made.

It’s incredible stuff! Please share how yours turns out and what you use it for!


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