Wild Rose Salve

Our newest healing salve is truly a treat for your skin. Wild rose (R.rugosa) is soothing, a natural tonic and these fragrant petals are the star of the show. 

This Summer Mother Nature has been very generous, gifting us with a bounty of vigorous herbs this year. I have been busy gathering and infusing them in coconut oil, rice bran oil with it’s serious anti-aging qualities and shea butter. We’ve also included, yarrow, St. John’s wort, lavender, comfrey, horsetail, calendula and plantain, all wild and pesticide free. Wildcrafted herbs combined with the best oils for the skin make this a high quality balm with a subtle hint of wild roses that your skin will absolutely love. It is a superb, chemical free nightcream. The healing power of these ingredients also ‘heals’ fine facial lines.

Great for burns, bruises, scrapes, scratches and muscle aches too. 

High quality ingredients shouldn’t mean high price tag. Only $12 for a 4 oz jar. 


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