Cool Man Cool…….finally.


I and my fellow Western Washingtonians have just survived 12 days with over 80 degree heat. Some of those days even reached into the 90’s! I know my Arizona friends would say “Pshaa!, you don’t know, try 115 degrees!” First of all, we don’t have this thing you call air conditioning up here in the Pacific Northwest and second, 80 here is not 80 in AZ. 80 in AZ is very pleasant especially when sitting in your air conditioned home admiring all those pretty cacti through the lowE, dual paned, gas-filled windows. 80 here is damn hot. Women my age (48) tend to not like to be hot and sweaty and have to sit in front of a fan with a spray bottle all swamp cooler style to cool off until we have to make dinner in a hot kitchen. I recently manifested a gas BBQ grill so my life recently got a bit easier. I’ll blog about manifesting sometime, it’s crazy, weird and I wish I had discovered it sooner. Anyway, back to topic. Today they say it will be only 78 and if that’s true then I will be a pretty happy Lady.

I haven’t made ANY soap during these last 12 days due to the high temps because soapmaking is also very hot. And we now all know I’m a wimp with the hot. So today I get to make soap. Rose geranium first and then juniper berry & tangerine. I also have 2- 10 lb loaves of soap waiting to be cut, peppermint and lavender & tangerine and get them on the shelves to start the curing process. It takes about 4 weeks to get the soap nice and hard and suitable for the market. Cold-processed soap takes some time but the result is a luxurious, creamy bar of fragrant goodness. I put shea butter in my soap as well as coconut oil, rice bran oil and essential oils, that’s it. Simple, I’ve found that life is much simpler when I keep it simple.

Tomorrow I’ll post the soap pics, happy Friday!

~Dana, Soapista


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