Magnesium Scrub with St. John’s Wort

A fellow soap maker and Fb friend ordered a jar of mag scrub from me recently. I was quite honored to receive an order from someone in my field, that’s a pretty darn big compliment! She said she had some aches and wanted the scrub to help with that in her bath. When I went to my shelf to get one I realized I was all out of that particular scent so I got to making one for her. As I was making up the scrub I saw my bottle of SJW sitting there and I thought what a wonderful addition it would make because it’s also really great for aches and pains. So I added it in and was amazed at the beautiful rosy glow it took on and decided that I need to share this one with the world. I love when these little happy accidents occur, my best ideas sometimes are had like that. Same price ($10) too.



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