Huckleberries are my mom’s favorite berry so when I came across an area that was just bursting with these berries we had to stop for an hour or 2 and collect as much as we could.  Honestly I’ve never seen huckleberries like this before, they were the size of blueberries!  We picked and picked and still left plenty behind for another trip perhaps.

Mom’s birthday is coming up so I’ll let her decide what we’ll do with these big fat blueberry sized red huckleberries.  I’m guessing she’ll want jelly which means I’ll have to hit my favorite crabapple tree to add for natural pectin.  Crabapples add a fabulous flavor to all my jellies and I found the most glorious tree in someone’s front yard, the occupants have generously allowed me to harvest this tree year after year and I have made some delectable jellies and jams with them.

Mom won’t be up for another week or so.  In the freezer they will stay until she lets me know what she would like me to do with them.  Pics to follow!


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