Fresh, Summery, Tomato-y Awesomesauce

Recently I put out the word to my neighbors via a neighborhood Facebook page that I’m interested in gleaning any extra yard produce if they weren’t using it.  I got a pretty nice response, the best being from a neighbor who had tomatoes among other things.  There were at least 4 different types from what I could tell.  I picked to my heart’s content and took home a bucketful of ripe organic tomatoes.  So what did I do?  I made sauce, of course.

I threw some herbs from the garden, some locally sourced garlic, sea salt a pinch of sugar and evoo into the pot along with the beautifully colored orange and red tomatoes.  I simmered the mix for the day and when it was done i blended it with a stick blender which also removes all the tomato skins!  I’ll use this awesomesauce to make eggplant chicken melts for my family for dinner tonight.  

Y  U  M.  



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