I am a soapmaker by trade. My company is Salish Soap Co. located in Western Washington State. I and my two teenagers live in a small community near the Salish Sea. In our Northern seaside burg I thoughtfully gather wild herbs to use in salves and remedies for the skin, body and for health. I concoct medicine and food from the wild things that grow around us and it feeds my soul.

The abundance that surrounds me is staggering and I must share the things I learn with the world. This blog isn’t limited to making soap and beauty products; we’ll explore foraging, mushrooming, infusing, tinctures, canning, gardening, household tips and anything else I think would belong here.

This is going to be fun and I welcome all those who want to watch, learn and contribute, I love learning and welcome comments, hints and your expertise.

It’s all about the humour too, Life is too short to be stoic! I say live free and don’t be afraid to drop the occasional f-bomb if the situation warrants. Sometimes I tend to take my smartassery a bit too far, however I will try my best to behave.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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